About Me

Hi, I'm Emily! I photograph raw and organic moments. I document love and affection.

I capture the emotions your eyes speak that words cannot say.


I am a lover of all things love. And anything emotional gets me right in the feelings. I will cry when photographing a birthday party hearing a dad speak about his daughter, or during a baby shower gender reveal by just seeing the pure joy on the parents faces. This is why I love photographing families and weddings. My passion lies within telling your family story. I love seeing the way someone looks at a loved one and freezing that feeling in time. I have a very 'storytelling' approach to my photography. My images are not overly posed, and the aim is to create some happy and candid moments. I may prompt you slightly or reposition you a little, but the rest is in your hands. Be natural and be happy, it's as easy as that!

When I am not photographing love stories, I am a little adventurer. I love to get out into nature and trek through the forests and trees and land, or scale the beaches. I live with my girlfriend, and we have two beagle dogs who are like our children. I love to cook, I am a sucker for a bad dad joke, and spending quality time with my two nephews. They are a big inspiration in my life.


I'd love to tell your family story!