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I’m Emily and I’m here to show you that you deserve to be in the frame. 

Life moves fast. Ever since my wife and I had our babies, I know this for certain. One moment you see a tiny hand on an ultrasound, and next they are running after your family dog, cackling at their tail. It’s incredible and beautiful and heartbreaking all at once, and I want to help you remember every single moment of it. 


About Me

Hi, I'm Emily!

We often get caught up in everyday life, forgetting those little fleeting moments. It’s that tiny roll between their thigh, thinning out every day. Their chubby fingers growing longer. Suddenly they’re talking and you blink and remember the newborn phase like it was yesterday. 

You deserve to have it all captured, to be in the photos with your babies. An iPhone snap at Christmas isn’t enough. 

Capturing you and your family means the absolute world to me. To be able to follow along with your journey (most of my wedding clients return and it fills my heart to the absolute brim), to see your heart in your little people? There is nothing more special. 

I am up for any and all adventures, from cozy in-home newborn sessions to wild adventures at our family farm –  you show up as you are, and I promise you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.

We live on a beautiful property in Koo Wee Rup, Victoria, surrounded by lush greenery, our little furry family, and a whole lot of love. I love to invite families to our property to capture them; it’s a little bit of my heart, directly into yours, and the connection I capture here is where I am most at home. My home. Come with open hearts, open arms, and prepare to cuddle our little lamb babies who will love you equally as much as I do.

When I’m not photographing families, babies and love-filled weddings, I spend my time with my wife Riley and our children Ollie & Navy, exploring and adventuring, filling our cups with sun, good food and a ton of laughs. 


Come along for the ride, and let’s get you in that photo.

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