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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Lifestyle Photography?
    Imagine just hanging out with your family for an hour, no devices, no interruptions. Playing, loving each other, just totally being present. That’s exactly what lifestyle photography is. It’s capturing the real and the raw, the small moments that mean the most. I lightly guide if needed, but it’s just about being in the moment with your family and enjoying each other’s company. It’s authentic and beautiful and it sets my soul on fire.
  • Where will our session take place?
    Sessions can either take place at your home, or on location (there are so many beautiful landscapes around Victoria). I also offer sessions at my beautiful property, which has the most incredible lighting and really shows up a treat in photos. I am totally open for travelling, so if you have a spot you would love to shoot at, I’m on board!
  • What time does the session start?
    Depending on the time of year, this varies. For outdoor sessions, an hour before sunset is preferable for that gorgeous glow, however if it is an overcast day, we are more flexible. For in home sessions, 10am is the best time for lighting. I prefer to do newborns mid-week if we can.
  • How long does the session take?
    Roughly 1 hour for family sessions and 1-2 hours for newborn sessions. I am totally flexible, as we all know with kids, we need to roll with the punches!
  • What if my house isn't very photogenic?
    No matter what your house looks like, I can find a place to shoot. Somewhere with good light is preferable, I’ll move you towards windows etc. As per the session guide, if we have a space that is tidy, we can make it work! It’s about capturing you authentically in your home, not about how instagramable your house is.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    The earlier the better! Sometimes I book out 5 months in advance, sometimes I have a last minute availability. During wedding season I am less flexible, so if you want a specific date, let’s lock it in early.
  • What do we wear and how do we prepare for our session?
    When you book your session you’ll receive a guide that’ll give you all the information you need to help you prepare for your session, including a styling guide. I’ve got your back!
  • What do we do if the weather is crappy?
    I always keep a close eye on the weather leading up to our session so we can decide with plenty of time. I’m flexible in terms of rescheduling due to wet weather, however if you’re keen to go jumping in puddles I am so there.
  • How long is the wait for our images?
    Roughly 1-2 weeks, depending on how busy I am. I pour my heart and soul into each image and aim to get your gallery back to you as quickly as I can, however I never rush a gallery, so keep that in mind.
  • Do you use Photoshop?
    I don’t use Photoshop, I use a program called Lightroom which allows me to lightly edit your images with my signature style. I edit colours and tones, shadows etc, however I do not alter bodies or extreme editing. I aim to capture you authentically and true to life, which is portrayed in my style of editing.
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