Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing your family in your own raw and candid way. It is photographing your family to document who you are and the connections you have with one another. I may help position you to work with the best light, and prompt you a little to help get those personalities flowing, but it is you that makes the magic, I just capture it (like a ninja). We will play games, the kids will run and jump and be free. These photos will display the true essence of you as individuals and as a family. There's no stiff awkward posing, you don't even have to look at the camera. Look at each other and laugh, smile and play. I promise you these memories will be loved for generations.


Where will our session take place?

The sessions are done either in your home or on a location of choice. I have plenty of gorgeous locations around Melbourne to suggest, however if you have your own ideas I am more than happy to check it out! Sunset during the warmer months is the preferred shooting time, however in the colder months anywhere during an overcast day is fine. I secretly love winter sessions where you all get rugged up and snuggly with blankets or gumboots and jumping in puddles for the kids (or the adults!). 

What time does the session start?

For your in home photo session I recommend about 10am as an ideal time. For all outdoors, either sunset (60 mins prior to the sunset time) or on overcast days mornings are preferred however afternoons are also a possibility.


How long does the session take?

The session will run for around 90 minutes. There is no rush and we want to allow time for everyone to warm up and settle into it. There's plenty of time to explore the location to get a variety in the gallery.


What if my house isn't very photogenic?

Not to worry! I will photograph you in the rooms with the best light, and as long as the area is tidy that's all that matters. I want to photograph your family for who you are, in the comfort of your living space for what it is. 


How far in advance do I need to book?

The earlier the better! Sometimes I book out for 5 months in advance and sometimes I am available last minute. As I also photograph weddings, my weekends can be quite full during the peak season. 


What do we wear, and how do we prepare for our session?

When you book in your session I will send out a little guide on how to prepare and what to wear. So don't worry, I've got your back


What do we do if the weather is no good?

I will keep a close eye on the weather in the lead up to our session.  We will decide beforehand if rescheduling is necessary, otherwise I always carry cute clear umbrellas if you want to have a bit of rainy fun!

How long is the wait for our images?

Roughly 5-14 days. I don't like to keep you waiting too long, so I always endeavour to deliver images as quickly as possible, however I never will rush your gallery as I put my heart and soul into creating these images for you. Sometimes I will have your images to you within the week, and sometimes a little longer. It can also depend on my workload at the time.

Do you use Photoshop?

No, I don't. I use a program which is connected to photoshop however I don't manipulate images the way most photoshop users would. I focus on enhancements rather than altering images. I enhance colours and skin tones and highlights and shadows etc. If you have a blemish on the day of the session these can often be easily edited out by me, however I don't alter body images or photoshop in a fake sky or anything like that. I am photographing you for who you are in a realistic and organic form, so all my edits are for a natural look.




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